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Hire your next star player in record time

Boutique Executive Search and Recruitment Research specialist firm run by IIM, IIT, TISS, JBIMS & XLRI alumni

17 Years of Executive Search Excellence

What we do

We don’t just fill roles—we handpick drivers of your success

In today’s competitive environment, businesses can’t afford to shoot for less than the best. To stay relevant and maintain a competitive edge, you need well-suited leaders at the helm and a strong team driving your growth.

Since 2006, our highly-specialized team of senior HR veterans and management consultants has been helping companies put the right people on the job using a hands-on approach and streamlined yet thorough process. We get results because we don’t just match candidates to required skill sets; we connect you with top-tier hidden talent that will align perfectly with your organization’s culture, vision, and challenges—all in record time.

Who we are

Why trust us

We’re management consultants in the business of recruitment, with a knack for understanding recruitment requirements correctly and quickly (we’ve even been known to find the perfect candidate based on a one-line brief!).

Unlike big, well-known executive search firms, we don’t have any labels to rest on. For us, the results of every assignment matter, so our senior consultants are personally involved in each one. That’s why, where widely-used recruitment methods fail, our consultative approach, extensive research, and deep expertise succeed.

Or, as our clients say: If no one can do it, BGR can do it.

Learn more about our 12-step process incorporating global best practices and local expertise.

Experienced CXOs and entrepreneurs turned growth consultants who understand entrepreneurs’ pain points, business, and strategy

250+ years cumulative experience and recruitments in Leadership/IT/Non-IT

Smart global-standard research techniques used by dedicated in-house research professionals, incorporating data analytics for fast, accurate results

Qualified to take ownership of the vetting process, reserving your time for only the top candidates

Small enough to pay personal attention, but large enough to deliver globally

Deep domain expertise in 5 industries with a sharp focus on 5 functions

Each successful closure is a win for us too, so we push for high-speed, high-quality results

Access to a large pool of top-tier passive Indian talent and local recruiting partners via the world’s largest and oldest global recruiting network spanning 18+ countries

Build your A-team with our quick and accurate services

Executive Search

Find top-end candidates with world-class talent and local knowledge.

We specialize in placing highly-qualified candidates in leadership positions across focused sectors globally, filling positions such as President, Vice President, CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, CMO, CHRO, department heads, GMs, and more.

Working in your best interest, we save you time, cost, and effort as we search for the best possible fit for your company. Through a rigorous process, we understand each specific position, define the competencies necessary for a successful hire, and target several candidates that fit a distinct profile.

Recruitment Research

Experience the new research-fueled way to empower your internal talent acquisition teams.

Through recruitment research, we help top executive firms and internal talent acquisition teams find their next new hire or maintain a ready bench and database of relevant candidates.

Our process provides a highly cost-efficient alternative to traditional recruitment. We understand your requirements and map the market to increase the scope and quality of candidates—until you find your winners.

Recruitment Strategy

Differentiate yourself in today’s competitive business environment with a solid recruitment strategy.

Using our extensive experience, we offer recruitment strategy and process consulting services to our clients, advising clients on the best approach for their situation and goal, maximizing results. We also train key team members to ensure proper strategy execution.

Gaps in your current process are filled through our multifaceted approach, which takes advantage of social media, advanced technology, innovative search techniques, thoughtful advertising, expansive networking, and more.

We aim high, for lasting results

Like you, we’re business people. We know what it takes to succeed. And, more importantly, 
we know who you need on your team to win.

Executive Search Firm

We love cracking the toughest, “impossible” recruitment challenges and delivering the best possible—not best available—talent in the least time.

– Ratnesh Jain, Managing Partner & Founder


Need exceptional, culturally-fit business leaders in record time?

Industries & functions we specialize in

With an impressive track record in these areas, we scout and secure exceptional passive talent for C-level, Director, VP, and GM positions in the industries and functions below:

5 focus industries

Our latest insights

Discover fresh perspectives and expert views on talent acquisition, HR, business leadership, and more!

Our unstoppable team

What clients say about us

FAQs about our executive search services

While both an executive search firm and a recruiter help organizations fill open positions, their process, methodology, and goals are quite different. A recruiter aims to attract suitable candidates to apply for an open position, mostly entry-level to middle management, primarily on the basis of their skills. An executive search firm, however, headhunts candidates to fill critical positions. They take a more holistic approach and assess the candidate’s overall suitability for the role and the company. They will do more research and study the candidate, considering factors such as skills, mindset, cultural-fit, etc., with the view of helping the organization recruit and retain good talent.

No, we don’t depend on outdated databases or job portals to find talent. Our senior team of experienced recruitment research team takes a hands-on approach through headhunting, referrals, and community-based sourcing. We’re not just recruiters; we offer management consulting services

At Blue Genes Research, we follow a unique 12-step process to ensure you get the best possible outcome at speed. These steps include:

  1. Requirement Understanding
  2. Research & Brainstorming
  3. Benchmarking & Sampling
  4. Market Mapping & Long-Listing
  5. Sourcing
  6. Candidate Outreach & Development
  7. Consultant Analysis & Interview
  8. Candidate Submission
  9. Client interviews
  10. Candidate Negotiation
  11. Reference Check & Verification
  12. Documentation & Joining

Learn More


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